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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

  • stephanie grosskopf

Where do I belong?

I got a ticket for the long way home. It had always been a lifetime dream to possess a home for us. A special place for my family. Without restraint my addiction dismembered that. I guess it wasn’t meant to be a member of the family. You might as well call it the “House of Pain.” Because the only time I spend there is when my parents took the welcome mat, meanwhile the “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” (Pirro, 2018) just kept showing back up at any and every hour. Yup I redundantly went back to the drugs. Unfortunately, the children moved into my mom and dad’s (my saints) house and they said they would not move in there, until I got rid of my boyfriend. They blamed him for my relapse. Because there are no CAPS ON MY RELAPSE. I would always capsize, “Watership” down and it is always the same murky water. At least I couldn’t find any maps. I always said I was the only woman in the worlds with the worst direction. It sure brought me down to my kneecaps. Before this relapse, I had about 5 years sobriety, thanks to the OWI Court, it gave me a sober network. Instead, I got a ticket for the long way home. I sure could have used some sweet company.

An addict went to sea to see what she could see. But all that she could see was rock bottom of her life. An addict went to need to see what she could need. But all that she could need was the bottom of her life back.