What do you see?

Where is to be Stephanie?

I ucked Stephanie’s life up! I don’t even know if she will come out again! OH, PLEASE COME BACK! Just please stop the madness! I don’t know what; is more terribleier Konstance Gross or Stephanie not being able to see her smile again. She must be on her toes! Oh gosh anything different or moved she is guilty before proven innocent! My kid calls me a DUMB MENTAL AUTISTIC DIAPER BABY. I am crushed they grind me up like I am some piece of meat. They pulverized me! And there was no tender love and care anywhere in site for miles. How I tried to fight to get them to understand my sickness. I hurt them throughout my addiction, and I wasn’t even there behind the wheel making these decisions. I was notorious for concocting some ucked up plan that would either hurt someone or break the law. Luckily, I sobered up before I rode the plan out.

I was one big toxic elixir; 100% dead! No one was “painting my roses red” with love for me. Instead I was getting laid down in a death bed of roses. It was a lot like “covfefe” my definition though. I walked by and they would smell my rot from my grave and believe me it was deep already. I know I walked 500 miles throughout my life with this disease on my shoulders. Piggy backing isn’t fun! I could not find a single soul that had chicken soup in it or the heart to bring their chain and winch to pull my casket up at least to shallow ground. Everyone I found was too shallow! But I was that shallow of a person too; to even put myself in that environment. But I always say when you hang out with tyrants you become one. Oh, and I fit in so well.

At first, I looked like your average Joe, but more like a Bobby Joe not a smooth sailing pirate. I was great at being a rat. But when it came time to race, I fell short. As time creeped by, I didn’t even realize I was writing tales from the crypt. My so-called friends “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” are always: oh, “I got your back,” stabbedly! But I didn’t even see it until I was knee deep in my blood of hep c from the knife stab in the back and of course might as well give it a thrusted twist not like my sister. Because of course my corpse was only one not properly embalmed with lip balm to kiss my life away. I wasn’t even the corpse’s bride all because he didn’t confide I wasn’t the one for him. The coroner wouldn’t even take the time to properly sew me up. They’re not seamstress’ though. The doctor harvested my organs far too early and put them on the black markets or was it the dark net.

Bleary bear, bleary bear, what do you see? I see a roasted bird looking at me! Roasted bird, roasted bird, what do you see? I see an ousted duck looking at me! Ousted duck, ousted duck, what do you see? I see the bluest horse looking at me! Bluest horse, bluest horse, what do you see? I see a slippery frog looking at me! Slippery frog, slippery frog, what do you see? I see a feverish cat looking at me! Feverish cat, feverish cat, what do you see? I see a soggy bottom dog looking at me! Soggy dog, soggy dog, what do you see? I see the blackest sheep looking at me! Blackest sheep, blackest sheep, what do you see? I see the whole world looking at me!


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