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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

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Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Everyone thinks this is a cakewalk. This is no cake walk. Your mind is plotting out your next relapse. SUCKER PUNCH! And you don’t even see it coming. One of the settings you get stuck on is the most upsetting. As I would call it getting stuck on stupid. Once you start you just can’t STOP! Oh and of course; it is no laps of luxury. Let me tell you!!!! The Liars, Leakers, and Liberals are all over. I even moved out of my own house to hide from them. There is no time frame on their time management either. With all rigorous honesty 99.9% OF MY LAPES ARE FROM ENVIRONMENTAL TRIGGERS.

I was a material girl living in a material world. Somehow, I was always teased to come out and play. There I go breaking bad digging out my rigs. If only I would have dug deeper. I would have found the super strength to get ahold of myself. I couldn’t even remotely control myself; once it was around. Or even for that matter once the idea popped into my head. I popped like a pimple. There was no turning back. It was Simply Irresistible! Well if I learned anything from this it was how to grow up on my own. My family had no clue what I was going through and only made matters worse. They just wanted it to end, but it only ended in fight. I would always run off out in the cold. To fend for myself. Because I had to face it, I wasn’t Miss Congeniality. What they didn’t realize was they needed a separate language to talk to me. Speak what it is that I reek of. So, you can pronounce what it is you need to announce in confidence. I will really help you have a breakthrough.

Now ultimately, we all work for ourselves. You get out, what you put in. We are all managers of our own life. For example, if you sneeze out this huge snot wad because your allergic to something in your environment. You need to take medication or move out of that area. Because your chances of building up an immunity are very slim. Believe me it would be a severe allergic reaction that would occur. I was confused by this potentially fatal hazardous condition I had.

If your sad and you know it call the HELP-LINE! If your sad and you know it call the HELP-LINE!