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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

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Switch Careers

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

My Solo Career!

My boyfriend was a heroin addict, here within somewhere, he was always sleeping. And I loved my meth. (SPEED me up to death.) Now you know you’re in trouble! THEY WERE OUR BEST FRIEND! It got us through anything. How we stayed together for four years and didn’t see that we needed to switch careers, is beyond me. My jobs a joke and I am broke. Death Row has the death grip that pays us, so we’re crazy.

I had the wrong routine, a bag a day, first shot right after the kids went to school. Second one, right after they went to bed. I thought I was unfadeable. Sadly, unbeknownst my best friend thought I was an oddment. Blessedly, I just watched my boyfriend do the same a couple weeks before. Miraculously, I don’t know if it was a dream or what, something told me I might die that week. I remember kind of laughing and saying back, the only way I will die is an overdose or a car crash. Sure enough, it was the end of the week and my kids went to my mom and dads for the night. I just got off the phone with them wishing them goodnight. Blindly, I was letting my friend tuck me in tight. You literally feel yourself slipping away. And that’s realer than the Real-Deal taking me to the Holyfield. It didn’t take long and my drug had me hooked. Yeah, and it don’t quit. Please don’t fade me tonight.

Stephanie and Jared went up the hill, to fetch a pail of DRUGS; Jared fell down and broke his crown. And Stephanie came tumbling after. Up Jared got, and home he did trot. Left Stephanie in distraught. Jared started to mend his head. Stephanie almost ended up dead.