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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

  • stephanie grosskopf

Stephanie; Come Back!

Updated: Mar 5

I fucked Stephanie’s life up! I don’t even know if she will come out again! OH PLEASE COME BACK! Just please stop the madness! I don’t know what; is more terbleier Konstance Gross or Stephanie not being able to see her smile again. She has to be on her toes. Oh gosh anything different or moved she is guilty before proven innocent! My kid calls me a DUMB MENTAL AUTISTIC DIAPER BABY. IAM crushed they grind me up like I am some piece of meat. They pulverized me! And there was no tender love and care anywhere in site for miles. How I tried to fight to get them to understand my sickness. I hurt them throughout my addiction and I wasn’t even there behind the wheel making these decisions. I was notorious for concocting some fucked up plan that would either hurt someone or break the law. Luckily I sobered up before I rode the plan out.