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Slaughter House

"Who do you love, Now? I want to Know the truth!!!"

"All I want is you baby, I don't love drugs, more than you!"

I am right here for you to love.

I was at a loss of words, when my daughter accused me of loving drugs more than her.

Drugs were my only lover!

My family became disgusted with how I acted. They hated what happened to their daughter. I was still there just changed. I depended on the drug to numbs my pain. My family kept hurting me more. A very treacherously dangerous habit.

99.9% of my Relapse were Environmental Triggers

Fight who's Right

I couldn't intercept my addiction from my brain, for so long. When I decided that it was time to derail this deranged journey. My family didn't believe me. How I couldn't see why I always ended up be the bad guy.

Doing all the right things, all the wrong ways!

I milked out my addiction for so long. When I finally got out of rehab I was like a newborn out into the world again. My addiction threw stick and stones, while my family threw names and acquisitions. I was acting like such a baby, I couldn't get the right formula. My parent's finally cut me off my pacifier. They had no tolerance for any bullshit. I wish my parents would have given me shaken baby syndrome. I now hated myself. I was annoyed and disgusted with how I acted. For I did not look pretty. When you try to fire yourself you know it is pretty bad. I was all by myself. I was advertising a horrible role model to my kids. I can't help it who is in control of me? Please, your scaring me! I was biodegradable, but I wanted a lifetime membership. I was stuck in a dirty diaper. That no one would help change. There is no reason this should have to be done behind closed doors.

I Now have a victory royal! I have successfully melted myself AWAY from my family.

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