Resignation to the Nation

Please accept this letter, as a notice of resignation from my position as an addict. I don’t like it in the attic anymore! Let’s take it down a couple notches! I would like to thank you! For making me stronger. This has been an immensely degrading opportunity for me. I am highly above standardly not standing standation to the public nation. With my shame to fame walk ashes to ashes ashamed myself dust to bust. I have accomplished the most stupidest things a stupid thing can do! “Stupid is as stupid does!” I should say I was with stupid^^^^! Up, up, and away minus my fish! Shame to fame! “The power of influence!”

These are the things throughout my career that have built upity valor. You have tested my bested, until I was busted! The fear of cops have gave me the clippity clops to do the croppy flops! “Bodies on the pavement!”  I remember getting the employee of the month reward for being the most irresponsible and unexcelled to propel. I was always the best at being in the way throughout my time here. Time is precious to me! One of your top-grade uckups to uck a uckup up. That make me go up, up, up without my fish! Because this is the deep dish that sent me into the abyss far from bliss, so you can kiss my pist off ass good-bye because I’m so high perhaps I’ll die! It was a drastically upsetting period of my career, but who was doing the setting. It wasn’t me! Was it you? Too far too few of you; have helped me! You have put me to the test. That’s why I’m not my best to manifest! What’s it to you? If I live or die that’s the American Pie! We’re always in the sky, oh, so high! Because of you! 


Konstance Gross


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