• stephanie grosskopf


I expend tremendous energy to hide my pain. Why oh, why can’t I just feel me; why can’t I be me? I feel the hurt every day. There we lye upon the window pain; wasting away in all this shame. No one knows the trouble we see or seems to care about this nightmare. Pain is my heart aching for you. Pain is this emotional roller coaster. Pain is my painstakingly heartbreak I have. Pain is the love that forces me to be seduced. Pain is my love for you. Every ounce of pain is distress. I have painsomnia. Drugs are the way I got over my hurt you left me to endure. I need it just to function in this world. Hurting and hurting a longing to be free for all. For this pain, all that’s left is this deadly route. Because there is no cure until you stop the madness.

Watson put the kettle on, We’ll get high. Stephanie take it off again. The pain has all gone again.

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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf