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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

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Our Wedding Day

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Be it known to all present and former suitors Stephanie and Batman promise to cherish one another from this day forward. Being of semi-sound mind they met one late night at a party. These two consenting adults agree to accept the stocks and bonds of matrimony and its fringe benefits under the following conditions:

The wife, hence forth known as “the Slave,” will turn over all worldly possessions to the husband, who will be known as “the Master.” The slave will forfeit all personal property including her dignity, integrity, honesty, affability, and dependability. The Slave shall not complain and definitely NOT seek help.

This certificate is duly verified and authorized to be fairly accurate in its contents but can be altered to fit the circumstances; if either party goofs up or is caught.

Needles and pins, needles and pins; when a woman marries her trouble begins. I could barely gasp a baby’s breath ever since I married my meth. My superhero; not the straightest arrow. We stayed together through thick and thin; committing the most deadliest sin. There was no severance. Our cave was deep beneath Mt. Everest. I was down under there somewhere. So, I handed him my life.

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who is afraid of the big black sack?


Little Stephanie Jingle,

She used to live single;

Then she got tired of this kind of life,

She left the single life and lived a painless wife.

Now what do you think of little Stephanie Jingle?