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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

  • stephanie grosskopf

Oh, the things you can do that are GOOD for your Addiction!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

I’m Stephanie and today is the day, so jump into my story, buckle up we must leave instantly for the Feeling Great Clinic in far-off Fadoo. It is a safe place for you to stew. Because there is so much to do. So, you don’t turn blue. It ain’t nothing new. It is the stuff you’re supposed to do. It is a place to avoid the circus and the zoo, where you will learn to take good care of you. Come on and surge on into sobriety; your family will not mind at all if you do.

For our first stop, I’d like you to meet the Tac-Toe-Tapping Tweets. They’ll help you tap away at keeping things in tac on your toes. They play Tweet shoot beezerball baskets by using their feet. Yes, if you’re a basket case like me you will have a ball defeating your demon with them, so you stay out of the freezer. They are quite strong and wise. Otherwise, you will head for dead.

Now let me introduce you to the Snee Snicker Sneeth. She gets rid of everything that’s from beneath, so you don’t get stuck on repeat. We’ll do a personal inventory fleet. A nice treat at this elite clinic. The Galactic Garoo keeps your heart beating with a flow to grow its fun having your health come in escrow. Be a safe smarty just like the Garoo. They play every day, so keep coming back.

You may also have trouble with the Snuff-Gruffles. If so, there is no time to play. You must get to the clinic as fast as can be. Before you turn to dust because you didn’t adjust. And they can come at any hour. My sneeze meter measure how far the dust goes. On average it’s six feet under. Please come ASAP to get your dust distancer. Sneezing shoots germs out and influences friends from all over. You must take cover because germs are so small you don’t see them coming. So, come to the clinic there is a tissue for every issue.

Here is quite a treat to meet a Zing-Singing Zanz, she has written a song to the highest decree to help you break free from that dead sea. It is rather gutsy. It starts out with an apology. And don’t you dare to try to be an escapee. It’s ok to disagree. Come sing along with me.

The Scrubble-Bubble machine it sure will clean up your trouble. One large soap on the double, please Scuttle. We will take a pristine clean-up your act and no more lies. Sanitize all your ties. As clean as a whistle wash the pain. So, we can undo what has been subdued into a soap opera. It takes time to get back to brand-new.

Now come let’s see what’s on your plate. Here at the clinic we do not like to see a lot on your plate. Definitely, refrain from going against the grain. You need great disciplinary to eat your dairy. No substitutes for your fruits. By all means eat your proteins. Vegetables will help you around the tables. In the morning you need food right away, so break fast from the drugs.

This booth here tells you something amazing but true. Come, hear your own body talks to you. Your body says, I’m hungry, I’m angry, I’m lonely, I’m tired. Sometimes it shouts: HALT. Your body will gripe of some type, “hey I’m in PAIN!” There is something wrong. Quick, I need help right away!

Auntie Handy Mandy is very anti-drug she runs the classes. Most people see through their eyes; she through her glasses. Making senses out of your senses. She will bring you sense like Jim Sensenbrenner. There is no cure, but don’t you fear because here at the Feeling Great Clinic we have stuff for your Guru to do. Be our guest with the Snug Buggles will put you on mediating quest. He is the son of the muse. Every day is best. It’s a nice peaceful rest. They show us the way to wake bright. Don’t dim the light.

I absolutely hope you had a virtuous journey. I must go, although there is one more thingamajig. A true fact that’s most important and special. Particularly you, no one in the world is exactly like you.