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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

  • stephanie grosskopf

Mad Lab

My house was like a mad laboratory. How we didn’t arouse suspicion? Watson unraveled out his recipe: Everybody shake your body! Gosh one wrong move and we could have been fired. All for some cheap shake and bake meth; the dance of death. Instead of cooking it, it is a million times more lethal because of the chemicals swooshed around in a soda bottle. At any swoosh, it could blast out an explosion blowing us up and igniting the house on fire. It was the worst MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. That said, “in ten seconds this message will self-destruct.” I was as nervous as a whore in church. We would get our mega Powerball that would fizz up our insides. And have a little afternoon delight playing 69 positions stuck on each other. It was always sex and drugs. It was just one big lethal injection. I wish the message in the bottle would have said the instruction on how to properly use the vaccination to fight against this disease. Or even tell me to get my Ass to the club.

Everybody wants to focus on the now and take the easy way out. They don’t look at what is going to happen or even the consequences of their actions. And just think that one action has just created ten consequences. They don’t see where the weight is tittering off to. They only see the weight tittering off on the size of their bag. I like to say they are right where they left off, but no they are far worse off. Not only did they just waste their money on an amusement ride, but if they are anything like I was. The amusement was far lost long ago. It now became a necessity for every time my family pushed me down with their words, but they were sharp truths. That I didn’t want to hear. Especially the way they brought it up. It was like a very unhealthy batch of bickering.

The substitute teacher was not on call to teach us the right lingo. We would have had a bingo. But now we are stuck in limbo. Because I needed it more than ever NOW. Their harsh words were blowing me over. You could have just considered Stephanie’s ashes gone in the wind and there were a lot of blustery days. The step on me turned into a stampede on me. A very uneven fight. Now I am in trouble because my head was not in the game to survive.

There was a little Addict and STEPH was her name-O. S-T-E-P-H! S-T-E-P-H! S-T-E-P-H! And STEPH was her name-O. S-T-E-P-H! S-T-E-P-H! S-T-E-P-H! And STEPH was her name-O. There was a STEPH that had no home. And STEPH was her name-O.