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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

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Leave the Light on!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

It is kind of like teaching a baby. We must learn everything all over again. Sure, we have a familiarity/experience, but things change. Addicts still change just in an unhealthy manner. People don’t stay dormant. We need to get them back on track instead of making tracks. They need to make health tracks in packs to attack this and get America back. We need a sober shack otherwise we're just looking for the needle in the haystack let’s make the right attack.

Let's help addicts take baby steps back into the world. Kind of like some people who go to prison they must learn things all over again because they are institutionalized. They have changed too. Yet when they come out if they go back to the same environment they were in before; it is inevitable they will face the same influencer again. Some would wonder how they didn’t become fluent with it already. Well for one it is almost like pig latin. One must read it backwards. No one starts off with the consequence first. That’s absurd, no one gets their paycheck then goes to work. Mistakes are rewards, why no one else in society looks at it this way is ridiculous.

Addiction is just one language people need to be more fluent in. They are not fluent with the consequences because they’re not set in stone. This is not the blarney stone here. Were talking about this is life Addiction is a life sentence. But who wants their sentences to run on? We cannot be on the run from our addiction. We must address this and admit our fault is glorious. Addicts are some of the best and bright stars in the world. We need to help them shine. So please don’t turn the light off. Flick your light on and help us. We deserve you.

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