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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

  • stephanie grosskopf

Jekyll &Hyde

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

There is nothing wrong with addiction at all. What is wrong is when you let addiction take over you? That is when it becomes a problem. That is when you are not cleaning your house or doing self-maintenance. And the thing is you are so influenced. You are NOT you. Or one should say you are taken over that you’re not in control. You’re not behind the wheel anymore. You now have Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Once you take your drug, is when Jekyll comes out to play and you are hidden. She makes you invincible and the possibilities are limitless. You are now ready to conquer anything. Everything becomes intensified. You get so wrapped up in what you’re doing? It is always; ya, I will be right there, but the cold side has come out to play. She will take your things and steal what things you know, but she will save me from the cold. Somewhere deep down inside there is you. Jekyll comes out to numb the pain, she can take anything. It is like talking to a bad friend. Your hanging with the wrong crowd.

Stephanie the Snowman was a sad and solemn soul. With a corncob pipe. She was quite a hype. And two eyes made out of coal. In a fairytale loophole. She was made of snow, but the children know. How she came to life one day. It must have been that drug that brought her to life one day. She began to feel no pain but remained insane instead. With nothing in her hand. Running here and there all around the square saying catch me if you can.