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Hello World,

Was meth meant to be my death?

Addiction is a disease. According to the Center on Addiction there are 40 million Americans age 12 and up OR 1 in every 7 people in America are addicted/abuse drugs, while yet there are only 27 million with heart conditions, 26 million with diabetes, and only 19 million with cancer. Addiction often turns chronic making it an incurable disease, but this disease is preventable and often managed through early detection and treatment therapy.

Yet the Center of Addiction claims ONLY 10% of these Americans receive treatment.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2017 there were 70,237 fatal drug overdoses in the United States. Obviously, this is no sport to get into the competition to survive is fierce.

Dare to bear!

The American Addiction Center also asserts that it costs the American society $740 billion annually due to drug abuse and addiction in lost work-productivity, health care expenses, and crime-related costs. So, when your local drug addict falls to their knees from a felony let's give them something to fall on to a sober home. Or you might as well diagnose us with Chronic Wasting Disease because without the help and support that we so imperatively need we're not going to make it!

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