Fight for Sight

That's my Plight!

My addiction abducted me from my family, and they didn’t even put out an Amber Alert. This disease will seize your life. According to the Center on Addiction there are 40 million Americans age 12 and up. OR I am 1 in every 7 American that is addicted to drugs. While yet there are only 27 million with heart conditions, 26 million with diabetes, and only 19 million with cancer. By far, the biggest disease in our country. “All eyes on us.” This is no American game anyone should play! There are no guarantees your life will win! Unfortunately, there is no autocorrect mode on a human either. Therefore, without help it doesn’t really move the needle that much.

I was born this way with the gift of imperfection. All human DNA is 99.9 percent the same. The other 0.1 percent is what makes you, you! Importantly accounting for the visible variations in you, such as height, weight, hair or eye color and invisible traits like increased risk of certain diseases, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and obviously addiction. I think not! This is science’s closest way to fortune telling; I guess. Now it must be their intention to play Hitler and weed out the addiction trait from the human gene pool. However, if I was on drugs, I might just think that crudely. But we’re not caveman anymore!! Therefore, the real daring question is how do we treat addiction to get the highest percent of awareness that will really impact society? 

Now, we all know every parent doesn’t want their child to be a drug addict. Or for that matter a child doesn’t say, “when I grow up, I want to be a drug addict!” Therefore, putting your child in a loving Care Bear environment will make a world of a difference. I made the mistake of relapsing! Is it really a mistake? It only taught me better! In the midst of my lapse my babies were taken from me. All because someone else decided to push me down! And that is where my struggle tuggle to earth really arose from. Because that’s when things really spiraled upward! I wasn’t grounded for nothing! But I didn’t need to be put in the jail on a big time-out! I needed treatment! I did numerous gravity checks, but nothing availed. My family wasn’t having Konstance! “By day one way by night another!” She is an exact mini replica of me except the real me came out to fix things. However, my traumatizing situation I concocted has quaking effects on my life. Granted the only real medicine for me is love. Mindfulness from my family would allow me to fill the crack from the rumble that didn’t crash so subtle. 

Imagine how many DNA swabs I have done from my addiction? Every charge every time they need a new swab like my DNA was about to change. No that was only me learning new bad habits from my environment! From every time I fell on wounded knee and received more felonies because I don’t get the care I need. Obviously, there is no pure breed human and it isn’t enough to rely simply on medical history and self-reporting symptoms. Plus, what phase of their development is the addict at? Have they come to terms with being fully honest?

Twinkle, twinkle, Stephanie star; how I wonder, who you are? Out and about the world so high. Please, come back it’s you we lack. How I wonder, where you are?

Now let me ask you, if you were a Care Bear, what would you stare at????


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