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Impeach My Addiction

My family finally filed for a motion to impeach my addiction. What would get Stephanie back with her children? The outcome was to go in the 21-day treatment program at the Health Care Center in Wausau, WI. It’s a 21-day program because it takes 21-days to form a habit. And she was ready to go! Beyond ready as a matter of fact, but who knows all of the facts? Not my lawyer! My mom and I left social services went straight to the crisis center doors. Ready to cry out all the stuff that has been has brought me to this crisis. But Stephanie, realized that she had drugs at home. She wasn't ready to cry this and cry that. She had to get rid of that old bat! That made her go batty! How could she go in? She would just get out and use again. So, she went home and took care of all triggers that she could think of.

It took a bit longer, but I got in. Not soon enough for my social worker. She wasn’t very social to me. She sure talked to my boyfriend’s mom at the time though. I soon learned my boyfriend let me take the wrap for everything, to avoid getting yelled at. Then I was entered into a CHIPS case with my children. A huge chip of the old shoulder and they were the ones I needed the most. I had no reason to sober up now. It was now at a point in my life for “Radical, Resistance, and Revenge.” (Judge Jeanie Pirro, 2019)

The wheels on Stephanie’s addiction go round and round. Round and round. Round and Round. The wheels on Stephanie’s addiction go round and round.

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