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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

  • stephanie grosskopf


Desperado, why ain’t I coming to my senses? I have been out looking to see what dispenses! Oh, you’re a hard one to beat! But I know there’s a reason. There is not enough pleasing. Just way too much hurting. If you draw the queen of diamonds. She’ll beat you every time. You know the queen of hearts is going to be your best bet. It seems you’ll find somethings have been left on your table and when your will and able. You can make things go stable. Don’t wait for the ones you can’t get. Desperado, oh you ain’t getting younger. Cause your pain and your hunger; let’s hope they drive you home. And freedom, oh freedom, you’re just a wish a away. Who cares what their saying? It’s a prison in itself. No need to walk through this world alone. It’s too cold this brittle winter. Please don’t get cold feet. They sky won’t shine, and it gets too hard to tell the night from the day. You keep losing too much! And it’s so funny how the feeling goes away every time. Desperado why can’t I come to my senses? Please don’t bring your offenses. It may be raining but there a rainbow somewhere for me. Somebody please, show me the love. Please love me before it’s too late. Desperado.