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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

  • stephanie grosskopf


Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Thereafter my kids stayed more and more with my parents. They started putting together what was going on. They had woken to a fight between my boyfriend and I had, resulting in a flat screen TV out the door. But when it really slid into home, my daughter and I took a shower together and she kept looking at me. Apparently, I was so surged into the drug world I didn’t embark the size of me. I was 97 lbs at age 37. When you’re under the influence you get so overflowed in derealization in the drug nation.

I needed an anesthetic for the hunger pains. They came out of the blue and they were so violent. My drug was not a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. I remember saying,” this is got to STOP!” But I could only hold out so long watching my boyfriend shoot up every day trying to give him sympathy not knowing what heroin is like. I could only stay sober at most 2 weeks, because I was too weak. I remember chasing him out of the house begging him, “just try a little longer!”

Hickory dickory dock Stephanie ran up the clock. The clock struck one, Stephanie ran down. Hickory dickory dock. The clock struck two. Stephanie went boo. Hickory dickory dock. The clock struck three. Stephanie went weee. Hickory dickory dock. The clock struck four, Stephanie went “no more!” Hickory dickory dock.

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