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Democracy Dies in Darkness

Trump Drug Transcript

Congratulations on a great victory through rehab. The way you came from behind, somebody who wasn’t given much of a chance. A very fantastic achievement. You are absolutely right Stephanie. I must confess that we missed an opportunity to learn from you. We could have used some of your skills and knowledge to help you through this. We should have talked more often. I needed your support. Well yes, to tell you the truth I was working very hard trying to drain the pain. I went through rehab to form new habits and get my life back with you. I would have been a great teacher. I will say, I did do a lot of drugs because you bullied me. We spent a lot of time fighting and arguing instead of communicating and effectively working through this. We need to rely on each other. You wanted to take the addiction away from me it doesn’t work that way. YOU MUST sail away with me to another world. THE WAY YOU WORD THINGS MAKES A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE, OTHERWISE IT IS VERY INEFFECTIVE! Please learn to speak the same language as me. When you come at me all argumentative and pessimistic. I retaliate with an extremely deadly approach. Well I am an extremist.

A lot of drug addicts are the same way. I would say that it is necessary because bad things happen to Stephanie. Stephanie now relies on drugs to cope with the pain. Nobody comes to check on her. They are too busy being infuriated that she relapsed. Just say a little prayer for her. DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME! MY STATE OF BEING IS AN EMERGENCY! There is a way to work out to a resolution. With a great workout program. That help us try from every angle. We need to make a triangle instead of circles. We are in the United States. It states US in the title, let’s work together. Starting the biggest tidal wave you have ever seen. Please don’t wave goodbye yet. So, STOP BEING SO MAD AT ME. I got a little carried away. IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW this is very case sensitive. It only makes sense to make more senses. Let’s get them stuck off stupid AND GET THE RIGHT THINGS STUCK IN THEIR HEADS. Stop giving them head. This is an intense situation. STOP making it so tense. We need a routine from a sober structured living site because relapses happen. Yes, that is absolutely correct. Not only 100%, but actually 1000% correct we need to stop this crisis. Yes, we need to be crisis crashers. This is a National Emergency! STOP THE RACISM! We need to be reset. WE NEED TO BE TRAINED THE RIGHT TRAIN OF THOUGHT. Stop the train of whatever drug your high on cocaine, heroin, meth etc.. I can’t do this alone. I do not attract the right track. JUST LOOK AT MY TRACK RECORD. I needed direction from this erection that erupted. Someone dedicated to appreciate; put a little love in your heart and the world will be a better place.

Slow and steady wins the rat race! You can overcome drug addict. Mind over matter tear into your addiction. You will have a great apiction. So stop being a dick from hacking the system. Start being selfless. Some of the best people are addicts they're just not adding the right ingredients. In their equation equals death. So wake up and smell the roses, stop painting the roses red. So please stop handing out sanctions. They are not working for drug convictions. Drugs are a life sentence in themselves. They strip you away. You lose everything we don’t want to lose you too. There is no real use in hurting them again. Stop the hurting! Show them love! DON’T LEAVE US OUT IN THE COLD! DON’T BE SO COLD HEARTED THIS TIME OF THE YEAR! Don’t throw them out! Let’s get them their best. It's hard enough for them. Now I am ready for that staring contest, so don’t stop looking!

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