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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

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America is Watching!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I am in search for assistance in starting structured sober living site. We obviously don’t need another homeless shelter. But if we had structured living sites, we could give the homeless the help that they so desperately need. You can call me Konstance Gross; I developed a fear of Care Bears. Because of the Care Bear Stare it made me self-conscience. Or was it the drugs steeping in with paranoia. America is watching! I t was the world’s longest staring contest. They live in the Forest of Feelings. A place where no drug addict is found. Because we’re always masking the pain with drugs.

I am a Professional Drug Addict. You’ll find my resume listed amongst others of my profession on CCAP. CCAP stands for Consolidated Court Automation Programs. However, we're not conducive to your society, so I should be going into the system soon to learning new habits. Hopefully we could establish structured living site for others. Before it gets to the extent of my situation. Because like all in my profession, we are extremists. “Take it to the limit; one more time.”

My addiction abducted me from my family, and they didn’t even put out an Amber Alert. This disease will seize your life. According to the Center on Addiction there are 40 million Americans age 12 and up. OR I am 1 in every 7 American that is addicted to drugs. While yet there are only 27 million with heart conditions, 26 million with diabetes, and only 19 million with cancer. By far, the biggest disease in our country. “All eyes on us.” This is no American game anyone should play. There are no guarantees your life will win. Unfortunately, there is no autocorrect mode on a human either. Therefore, without help It doesn’t really move the needle that much.

Away in rehab, a bed of my own. The little lord Stephanie lay down her sweet head. The sky is full of stars. Look down where she lay. The little lord Stephanie asleep on the bed. The poor Stephanie wakes, little lord Stephanie no crying she makes.

Now let me ask you, if you were a Care Bear, what would you stare at????