Copycat Killer

In the beginning I was so out of the drug loopty loop. My boy fiend got all the drugs, but this time he brought me cocaine. I haven’t had that in years! I used to get that back in my smoking phases of usage. I loved the taste of it! Now it’s the one-shot wormy shot, not tequila! That will come! That was the phase before that phase when I dwindled out of the bar phase. And that is not because they raised it too high. I can do that on my own! I’m growing older! I can’t go back in time twenty-one is twenty-one. I can still get there! The time machine is not in the story yet, though! It is spelt with an I because it involves me. Not a y that tyme involves money. Why I spent the money is because that’s what made me happy. Other people waste not want not on what makes them happy. But it wasn’t long until it was a necessity to bare the day through sh*t storms the world flung at me. It’s amazing how many people don’t care and have extremely selfish actions that was me once with the I in it; selfish as hell. We all learn from our mistakes especially when the stakes are high, yes as high as me.

Back to the cocaine! Yes, I was on a train not literally, but I was a high trainwreck and litter was everywhere by the time I was wrecked. I was already on day four for being up and being in such a hurry. Yes, I’m a being a human being; I dumped about 1 gram in a container and mixed it up. My program went by the gram and it wasn’t reprograming, thinking I will add more water later Mater. Well later came and I didn’t even know you Mater and water didn’t happen. I injected all of it into my veins! Being a drug addict, I now understand the saying, “you’re so vein!”

Surprised as holy hell I could hit a vein! I heard a loud voice clear as hell “she’s done it now!” Feeling myself slip away and there wasn’t even a banana peel. I started running around, drinking water, there is the water. Wrong entry point! Scared as all hell again! Grabbing my phone but I couldn’t remember my boy fiend’s number. The only one I thought who would help me and understand! The number I dial numerous times a day. Everyone's got a number and mine is coming sooner than expected! The only number I could remember was my parent’s home phone. Does that exist still? I dialed it! My middle child at the time answered, I thought this was the last time in time I was ever going to talk to her. I tried to remain calm not to let her know what happened. She knew I used drugs, but back then it was, she’ll pull through it; kind of thing. She has done it before! Sober a couple years, uses a couple years, sober a couple years, uses a couple years! Each phase a different drug of choice building upon the next into harder to harder drugs. You know what I mean not harder to find! Harder to dig yourself out of the rock bottom pits of despair me PLEASE! My baby did all the talking. I just kept running around the house looking outside all horrified. I was terrified! Of what you may ask, the cops! Here I thought I was about to die, and I wouldn’t even call them. I thought they were outside looking in. I finally told her I loved her more than anything in the world. Shortly after I got off the phone, I was able to calm myself and I didn’t take one of those calming pills and potions. God forbid I add anymore drugs to the sityo. I sat on the front porch in the dark awaiting death to take me.

Some say; ignorance is bliss, but their getting away with murder. We need to cease this copycat killer. Some of us got off easy and escaped capture. While others are still held hostage. We seem to struggle to come to terms with these motiveless murders. But the numbers don’t lie! In fact, they don’t talk at all. Addiction is more of a silent killer. We are losing our loved ones. To think how monstrous, one is to target sick people.

These murders are purposefully committed to torment victims. Others think they have the armor to take him on, but their mutilated. On a rare account it is the victim that will bring down the roof on this maniac, who is sure to leave an impression on your depression. Yet be careful he is “cunning, baffling, and powerful.” His specific intent will take your breath away and steel the things you own until your chilled to the bone. And believe me he is dressed to kill a mockingbird. Because it is only a matter of time and your next.

How could one think that taking a human life is no big deal? This natural born killer is a chilling reality. Most would recoil in the thought of such a morbid crime. Because we need to raise the roof on this guy until he is completely cured.

He has been just under the radar for far too long and they will be coming to raid your house like

Joe Radar. His known motives are hunger, anger, lonely, and tired (AKA HALT). The weapon of choice is the needle. He is also known to concoct drug cocktails leaving victims deader than a door nail. "A DEAD MAN TELLS NO TALES!"


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