Back Logging to go Trolling Continued...

Most people are legally dead from that amount of potency! I grew a tolerance. It’s not an allowance! People think we do drugs for fun! It’s not funny when you’re fighting for your life! They said, I had a pot pipe and beer in the diaper bag. It wasn’t the diaper bag! Come on folks, talk to me I will tell you herstory straight. You already caught me! And yes, once again I took the fall and no that’s not all. For someone else, once again. But that was my fault! I needed to HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) I should have checked the bag. It wasn’t a baggie of drugies though! It wasn’t my pot pipe; that black hated fiend left it behind! But I wasn’t thinking at all in any state of comprehension not to mention at any apprehension to land me in the pen to tension. Those henchmen that found it would soon to be the end of me. Because it landed me a whole year in the Marathon County Jail to sail that grew me quite pale. It was for my “4th could have been 5th” OWI.

Does that make sense, which one is it? Well long ago my addiction spurred up from affliction, which was my addiction. I was on a high spurt again. Nobody brought me back down to earth to deal with it properly and I got my 3rd and 4th close together. Everything was ran concurrent for those two charges. So, wouldn’t this one just be my 6th! Or for that matter my last one just be my 5th OWI. What the heck and again this one is “5th could have been 6th.” I thought I was the addict! I was the one that was adding the wrong things in my life, but no it was you! Uck you Marathon County! Stop hurting me! But I saw the police report saying it’s only my 5th! Do they know how to count? I don’t understand it! Which one is it? Why can’t these people count? I was counting on you Marathon County for help! I should be counting on them for treatment! I need HELP! Obviously!   

These were my offers, to do OWI Court six months concurrent with my YEAR ATR (alternative to revocation, which was imposed to be posted). HIPPA PRIVACY PLEASE! Impressive, huh! It was a twenty-four-year imposed state sentence, period THE END! For those you must know imposed means you MUST do the full terms and conditions to the bonds with the state that doesn’t have no bonds men. Not that this is a bond! I have had plenty of those, but you just sit your time away for those! Or the other offer was six months ran consecutive no treatment an eighteen-month sentence; my time is precious to me. Just like this sentence that I did wrong! Proof is in the pudding, I’m wrong! This is the offer I took! I had to enter in a program voluntarily. So, you don’t get confused I was then fused to my “4th could have been 5th” OWI by the courts. (I’m now facing 5th or 6th.) I entered voluntary; I think not!

The District Attorney gave me a bullsh*t offer! They wanted to give me six months consecutive to the year I took for an alternative revocation to at twenty-four-year state-imposed sentence. The imposed sentence was for 3rd and 4th OWI and 3 manufacture and delivery of cocaine. That’s another interesting story for the next blog. Here and now! Which is far too unfortunate for the one who set me up! The poor fellow OVERDOSED AND DIED! While I was sitting my time for his deliveries of cocaine to bang! For that he sang! But I was never a dealer. Those cards weren’t stacked in my deck! Or for that matter to batter cook up cocaine! Because isn’t Manufacturing and delivery mean making and distributing it. I never made any cocaine! I just thought I was helping a fiend out! And of course, Marathon County plays dirty! Low and behold the cards I wasn’t holding because I don’t hold out that long. I break every time! They came back and charged me with the 3rd delivery of cocaine just before the statute of limitations were abolished to polish my records. Looks like; I didn’t slow down! Or so it looks. Looks can be deceiving though. “POW! Take one from the needle, NOW! That’s the sound! Purple moons and lucky charms!” Bent me and sent me right back on a binder to sinder!

Still We’re back logging here for a bit cause I’m about to do my bit for “5th or 6th OWI”. That’s herstory were on now. “POW!” Stephanie wants to come back! I knew it was going to be a lot of work. This OWI Court, but my timing was off. It took me two-and-a-half years to get through the program because your phase of development doesn’t start until your out of jail. That always sends ya a sailing, so I didn’t grow quite pale just yet. How the program works is there are three phases, and it is six months in each phase. It was breezy cheesy to get through OWI Court because my stage of addiction wasn’t at the level it is now. Get it I’m in Wisconsin the cheese state, say cheese for your mug shot! If I would have taken the other offer I would have molded without treatment. I would have been sent and bent to do more drugs, right away! But no that’s today!

The treatment was excellent though it kept me off the streets with plenty of treats and with my family. In hindsight, I could have used it with my first drug charge! But that is behind me! I can’t live in the past! This is a chronic behavior pattern! That I need to stay on top of! But that’s the problem it my nature to fall behind and then I fall up, up, without my fish, worse than London Bridges. Because that’s what I did I burnt up my bridges! Because now for my “5th could have been 6th OWI,” I was denied drug court. Because I was already offered the tools to ward off societies pressure, but nobody measures this in. At least that was what I was told by my lawyer. 


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