And Again!

Now for that state-imposed sentence tragic backstory. That period of my life was a doesy! Do you see? Just read on I will tell you! I got my 3rd and 4th OWI combo kung pow and two manufacturing and delivery of cocaines. I never made cocaine or for that matter to batter was a peddler, got the letterer. But I did the dirty deed to get the drugs! I was SNITCHED ON! Not to mention I must pay a pension because right before the statute of limitations were up. There are no limitations to Marathon County when it comes to batter for that matter. I got a letter of something to get me better. I THINK NOT EMBETTERMENT IS NOT FOR ME! But I did sure went a sent bent! Because they whaled mail aka snail mail! They had the “blue's clues” though apparently that struck me down again with the 3rd manufacturing and delivery of cocaine. Yup it put me back “high on that train.” But I was that trainwreck to trust a fiend, who asked me to get them cocaine. As a matter of fact because that’s what the law goes off of. That is how I got my 3rd OWI. I put it all together afterwards! Marathon County cooked me up a sh*t pie in the sky! I was oh so high to even say hi! Apparently, this is the way wards of the County; knock you down for the count down. Is to lock you down without treatment. It’s NOT meant for me! Keep reading you’ll find out why I might be the one to die!

I was wondering why there were undercover cops and the drug dog to smog around a car that wasn’t even titled to me. It was my son father who doesn’t even bother to do drugs EVER! I was holding on to someone to make me sober! It doesn't work that way! As for me I only had a few minor possession of marijuana charges on my resume. At that time! But I was the one to pay! Then the drug dog indicated there were drugs in the car! There were no drugs around me for miles to send out smiles, but they searched the car anyway. What’s even stranger than stranger things is an off-duty cop “doing hero’s duty” or well this is what he told me. He just had court in Marathon County Court House well the time was 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon. But lived in Marathon City and had to go back to work for the Wausau Police Department on 3rd shift. Why would an off-duty cop who just left court, who was on his way home to go back to bed for third shift have his radar on to catch me speeding. Because that’s what I got pulled over for was speeding. What was the indicator that they needed a baiter dog!?! The drug dog is on the scene of the crime. When all I was doing was speeding! All awhile I’m three months pregnant with child number two will be due. I have my eighteen-month-old asleep in the car seat who was soon to wake up dying in a hot car. Because her mother was getting the book thrown at her. “HOW RUDE!” It was Labor Day weekend, but I was the one to labor the task of trying to keep this eighteen-month-old off the Highway, why they searched my kid’s dad’s car (Eli). 

I wish I remembered, how it led me to fall up, up without my fish again. They asked me to have my mom come to help with the baby (my oldest Katie). Did I take the sobriety test before or after they asked me that? Because if it was before they were planning on the take down! Now that I think about it was before because I needed somebody to take her, so I could do the sobriety test which I failed! I THINK NOT! At one-thousand-nineteen, I put my foot down and brought it back up well I was 3 months pregnant! 

Here is where the delivery of cocaine comes into play for my date in court and it was playing hard ball, if you know what I mean or was that Marathon County. For the set-up! I was about to go hook him up with some cocaine whom I found out was a friend fiend turned rogue. But I didn't have the cocaine on me that time for that slime ball. I didn’t draw the lines together until about two months later sitting the bust to dust went down and that's what they were expecting. I had it on me! I ran into some old paperwork and configured my rigger the same cop that pulled me over is the same cop that gave me the three delivery of cocaine's. And actually, believe it or not the ripple effect occurred! And the same cop years later when I got a breaking bond from this last OWI. Because I couldn’t stay sober because my life is now over! Brought me out to pout wanting me to be the lout and squeal to peel on my friends! At the time I just had a baby. She was only two-months old! I was sold because I was leaking breast milk out my Marathon County Orange! 


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