All eyes on us!

Courage is something different in every person, but courage is not done alone. It is made out of boo’s and yes I mean booze too! Well at least courageously outrageous people use the booze to mask the boo hoo’s. Who’s stuff was it? What stuff was it? It’s the stuff were all on! And all sorts of other stuff from weed to hash; from cocaine to crack; from heroin to opiate controllers; from meth to crystal! We use all sorts of stuff to stuff us up or down a mask is a mask. Anywhere from chickens to coops! That's why we have chicken soup for the soul. I don't understand why they want us to stay cooped up though. What does it teach us? We hide all sorts of stuff. Cheesy stuff!  All from being scared! It's not what everyone dares to be paired with! So, we make ourselves impaired! So, everyone else can begin to stare!  

Please America stop the hurting! This is insane something that hurts me so badly, but I cannot STOP! Help me please! The ultimate relapse prevention program is the only answer. Because what’s going on must stop immediately! Has America programed itself to do naughty things? Are we emotionlessly taking ourselves down? Our system is not working correctly. When we hear our babies cry do you not run to them? And not do anything about it!?! Hello inquisitive minds want to know, what the hell is going on here? We our killing our loved ones. Don’t you think we should help them? We need to help our loved ones immediately! Otherwise we will not have them any longer! What is going on here? Why do I always think I am solving a puzzle? Everything is so intense! It’s got a death grip on me from America! Just because we’re different you’re going to put us in boxes six feet under. Please, let us control our sickness so we can stay on top of our disease.

Searching for ways to help addicts by cutting them down is not cutting it. The justice system is not cutting it! They deserve sincere help! Please listen to me! Addicts need help! They can't do this on their own! Has America programmed itself to do naughty things? Why are they sending out drug addicts to take out other drug addicts! Poor form! They are not helping! They are going around supporting the fact that they want it off the street that bad that they will take evidence give it to other addicts with the sin cere patriotic burn! Did they really lessen their charges or for that matter learn their lessen; it seems they taught them a repetitive cycle! Chronic wasting disease is not for us! Please help us! 

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