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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf 

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Addicts Have A Disease

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Step inside the world of Addicts’

Stephanie was the smartest of all the land. So many people came to her; she loved to lend a hand. Whatever the problem was, no matter what it involved, as soon as Stephanie tackled it. You knew it would be solved. No, worry’s! She would smile. She was as helpful as can be. Just wait, I will find an answer. Before you knew it ta-da. Now Stephanie had her shortcomings, too, which she really longed to share. But everyone was too consumed with themselves and did not seem to care. When Stephanie tried to tell her friends; about her troubles. All she heard was them muddle out more of their own problems. Though Stephanie was a patient girl. She had to slam the door; shouting in the loudest voice, no more please! The others were shocked has Stephanie gone on strike. This doesn’t seem to be like her it is just not Stephanie-like!

Stephanie was an addict who was really sick indeed. She lapsed round for round and became as lazy as can be. Why was she so idle to do a half ass job. It was very hard to say she had let her sickness get the best of her. The only reason is I fear she was born that way. While everybody went about life normally. Stephanie looked as odd as can be and did the strangest things throughout the land. Her costume she put on stuck out like a sore thumb and everyone told her she looked quite dumb. She neglected her responsibilities and let everything accumulate, until her life was filled to the brim and she was almost extinguished. She was really naughty and didn’t take much care. There was disaster everywhere she touched. She left a trail that upset everyone. She borrowed things without asking. And let the things escape as others five finger discounts. She used their things until they lost their shape. Upsetting her whole family and really made them frown. Her dad was most annoyed one day; she scattered his things all around. “What an insane girl” he cried. “I wish she would think!”

One day Stephanie met Watson and saw the anguish it caused when they misbehaved. He took her stuff and did whatever he wanted with it. Then raced around her house putting up barricades. She said, “oh, please can’t you stop! You must!” But he fell off the wagon, just like Stephanie. Stephanie yelled in horror. Please stop, these are my things. As soon as she spoke it it dawned on her in distraught. She realized she heard those words before, but they were said to her. She realized she should appreciate, how you shown me so clearly just what my ways are like. Now Stephanie is more careful and looks before she leaps. Now Stephanie see just what was wrong. She has a better understanding how to control her sickness. When she has a problem; she gives an addict a call. She may blush a shade of pink but knows when to ask for help herself. She stays on top of her self-maintenance and keeps a clean house.