A Pale Sale

One of my character flaws is not reforming until the last possible chance. That’s a story for you! I will tell you some of my history of my “4th could have been 5th OWI”. That’s how my lawyer stated it to me. I will tell you off the bat; it wasn’t Colonel Mustard with the candle stick in the living room. Imagine that guy drunk! Then I would still be alive! Although, it should be called herstory because I’m a girl; call me biased if you will. My oldest daughter did once or twice even three times that’s a cham. But she is one lucky charms. They’re not for me though! I was socially serviced! While I was influenced. My babies are my blessings in a backpack. Ok, before I get KO-ED by them! You never know when they are going to cut me back down to bite size pieces because it always eats me up when they cut me up. I love them so much, yet they don't understand me at all. 

Back to herstory, I was on day three of being up and scared to see my boyfriend; the father of my son, so I called my Twisted Sister. To get my son for me so I didn't have to see his father Eli. He doesn’t do drugs! I didn't want him to know I was under the influence again. I wish I could express the mess it gives me to walk the guilty walk of shame to fame. Because that is exactly what I did that day; I sure did pay! Sometimes hiding your addiction can cost you way more than one would ever know. 

To me I felt completely sober. I think the two drugs counter acted each other. But not on a tested scale it grew me quite pale. Even just to think of it! I could have killed my kids! But that’s who you hurt! The ones you love the most. Because those are the ones you can’t go without, yet they leave you down and out with feelings such to pout. I was the lout! That couldn’t go without them! What’s black and white and read all over? The News Paper! That’s where I planted myself not knowing I would grow back into it! I was borrowing my brother’s car mine was broke down for the count, but I was the one to be counting down! The night before when I used it to get my cocaine the gas tank was low. Who knew the tank did not sank or who could have pulled a prank on me. I should have known better! I just figured my brother filled it up when he went to go weight lift. Because the gas tank said it was full but instead it pulled me over! It wasn’t the cop that pulled me over. I did it myself!

I ended my life that day at least for a year! It went to a screeching HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) that day to fame. I ran out of gas at the busiest time; on the busiest exit! I should have been the busiest one hustling my way that day out of there! But I had two precious babies in the back seat. Both snuggled to sleep not even a peep. Just the red and blue patriotism flashing in the rearview mirror. They sure painted the greatest mirror image of me. I hit the newsstands like nobody else’s business was to know about me HIPPA PRIVACY PLEASE! I HAVE A DISEASE! They had it all wrong though! They never talked to me. Maybe they would have got the right tightey information. But the way they wrote it sound worst to burst your bubble. That’s why those bubbles were flashing for me! They should have had me in a bubble, so I didn’t come in contact with the likes you. Not that I don’t like you! I don’t know you from Adam to Eve. How many Adam’s does it take to get to Eve? It doesn’t matter because they will both mislead you! 

I was posted all over the news broad casting not to mention a couple times in the paper and internetedly connected. Something caught someone’s eye! Eye of the beholder! But all I caught were charges not even proven to be guilty yet! Oh, don’t get me wrong I was all wrong! I was almost dead! I blew a 4.25 on the Richter scale to victor scale making me pale. 


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