Be have YOU!


No ones in favor of my behavior! Be have or this happen. Own what you did! I am broken, I don't feel strong enough. I don't feel right when your gone away. I am no stranger to the troubles at my door. 

I picked that conflict!


The good liar! Why are you so shy? I hate to show up out of the INEBRIATED! This isn't over! Don't forget me. Sometime a lesson learned kills instead! Nevermind I will replace you with my drug. How nostalgic this tastes.  

Donald Trump made me relapse!


I made a dumb mistake. I will miss you! I just can't seem to shake this, your hurting me more. Nothing heals! I need you! I said I won't lose control. I don't want to let it happen! I don't want it! Now I am starting up a fire! I just want to hold somebody! "You could either hate me or love me. That's just the way I am." This is what you wanted. Please steal my pain, I don't feel you anymore!



Everyone loves treats and this is what was meant to be. So treat yourself!

I just can't do it  without you!

Have a change of habit. Put your alter ego on and do some adaptive learning.

Who added the dick to the Family?

My dictation was always straight to the drugs. I was abducted for my family. I never meant to let you down. I promise to you, I swear I will be ok. I WILL MAKE IT BACK HOME!

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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf