Konstance Gross

Please accept this letter as a notice of resignation from my position as an addict. I would like to thank you for making me stronger. This has been an immensely degrading opportunity for me. I am highly ashamed in myself. I have accomplished the most stupidest things throughout my career with you. I remember getting the employee of the month reward for being the most irresponsible and unexcelled. I was always the best at being in the way throughout my time here. One of your top-grade fuckups to fuck a fuckup up. It was a drastically upsetting period of my career. You have put me to the test. Don’t you dare come in contact with me ever again.



Konstance Gross


I put the Addict in Attic

                 TAKE IT ANOTHER LEVEL !

~How did I get Here?~

Just one chance

As simple as a glance

Causing PAIN

Watching everything drain

Not to realize

All I can do is idealize

I will learn

And wait my turn

But everything burns

And yearns

Full of hesitation

In need of motivation

What are the prices?

And how many devices?

Have Built me into this crisis?

~Be Gone!~

Too much to think

So, have another drink

It will be gone in a blink

Let your sorrow sink

Get off the brink

There is always another link

So just sit there & think

To undo this kink

Come on you can get in sync

Oh, get off the rink


Before you end up in the precinct

Junk DNA


Was my dish

From my DNA

I was meant to decay

Wish a class A


Too much for depiction

From this illness

Left with grimness

I wasn’t even suspicious

How malicious

My sickness

Why wasn’t I stillborn

I am not as lucky as sweet corn

To be genetically modified

Instead I was left ringside

Not sure how to override

My own homicide

~Not so Neat!~

During the last four years

Looking back through mirrors

With all the yards

No, we didn’t play the right cards

So many details

But everything fails

So many facts

No more contacts

Just take a seat

It’s not so neat

Back on our feet

Why does my heart beat?

~Infinite Questions!~

Just full of too many Questions

I could use some suggestions

Just like having cancer

Always looking for an answer

To Factor

But apparently,

There is a penalty

To deal with this disease

Bringing me to my knees

But all I can do is freeze

Not knowing

Where to go?

No arrows to show

I need direction

Possibly Correction

How to act?

In fact,

Too much legal action

All I can do is subtract

Deal with it in fraction

It might take some time

Through the climb

We just need to apply

To find out why?

What your number?

One, Two What you going to do

Three, Four, Shut out the Door

Five, Six not in the Mix

Seven, Eight Can’t get it straight

Nine, Ten Where’s my Den

Ten, Nine Need to align

Eight, Seven Looks like Heaven

Six, Five Unlive

Four,Three It’s Up to Me

Two, One Now your Done

~My Love~

To love a child

It is never mild

It goes so deep

Way farther than anyone can leap

Always on call

Never to watch them fall

Let their first step be with depth

Watch them discover

All there is to uncover

All what could be

And you will see

All the beauty

In that CUTIE!

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2019 Stephanie Grosskopf